7 Benefits of Healthy Eating


We all know the many ways eating a well-balanced diet can help us to keep our weight manageable, a healthy heart, and just be healthier in life. However, with our busy schedules, and the price of “healthy” foods, we often fail on our quest of health eating.

Some of the health benefits of maintaining a well-balanced diet are:

  • Weight Control
  • Helps the body’s growth
  • Reduce the risk of mental health disorders
  • Increase energy levels
  • Heart health
  • Disease/Infection prevention

The benefits of eating a well-balanced diet is not only for weight management, heart health, health body growth, mental health, and the prevention of diseases/infections.  We will take a look at some of the health benefits of eating a well-balanced diet at a later time.  But for now, let’s take a look at 7 benefits of healthy eating.

1.     Say bye to wrinkles

You have heard the term: You are what you eat, right?  When it comes to your skin, this is also true.  Eating foods which can help restore the water levels in your body will keep the skin elastic, not only that, but the vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients will help fight wrinkles.  It will result in fewer wrinkles and a healthier skin, which would be glowing from within to make you look even more beautiful and younger.  Yes, younger, experts say that including certain key foods in your diet, will help fight the signs of aging.

Some key foods include, tomatoes, avocados, honey, berries, fish, almonds (nuts), yogurt, and green tea.  These foods are packed with Vitamin C (tomatoes), Antioxidants (berries, honey), Probiotics (yogurt, omega-3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, avocados), and Vitamin E (nuts).

2.     Stress-free life

For some of us living a stressful life, we tend to want to eat what we call “comfort food”.  Why? Because it makes us feel better and let’s face it, it tastes really good.  However, I am here to tell you to stop all that and start eating a well-balanced diet, and you will have no need for “comfort food”.

A diet which contains omega-3 fatty acids, such as avocados, along with various vitamins and minerals help keep the hormone levels regulated in the body. They strengthen the immune system and give us the mental strength needed to fight away the stress.  Here is something else, some of these nutrient rich foods provides a calming effect on the body…hence less stress.  Some key foods include, avocadoes (no surprise here…avocadoes are super foods), Berries (antioxidants, super foods), chamomile tea, chocolate (antioxidants), garlic (antioxidants), and oatmeal (I know, this a complex carbohydrate, but oatmeal helps the brain to produce a chemical called, serotonin, which also has antioxidants).  Do you see a pattern here?

3.     Flat belly

If you want a flat stomach, eating a well-balanced diet will help with this.   Stay away from foods high in sodium and sugar.  Carbonated drinks also cause bloating and heaviness in stomach. A balanced diet that has lots of fruits and vegetables will include the needed fibers in your diet to help with constipation and bloating.

4.     Cravings will be in check

Cravings are a result of nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances in our body. Healthy eating fulfills all the nutritional requirements of the body to keep the cravings and binge eating in control.

5.     Better health

A healthy diet is low in sugar and fats both of which can affect the heart and our immune system negatively. Healthy eating is the guaranteed way of strengthening the immune system and bringing more health to heart, brain and other organs of the body.  We will discuss more about this at a later time.

6.     Fewer tantrums

Children who are in the habit of eating healthy food are less likely to throw away random tantrums over their choice of food. The less picky they are, the easier it would be for parents to give them food with good nutritional value.

7.     A Happier you

The fact that you would have your health and the stress levels in your life in check would mean that you would be mentally at peace to be truly happy from within.   I don’t know about you, but less wrinkles, stress, a flatter stomach, less cravings, children that will eat all their veggies, and having better health, will make me happy…well ecstatic.

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  1. I never knew eating healthy helps with wrinkles! I definitely feel my mood improved when I eat healthy and how grumpy I am after I’ve had a greasy unhealthy meal. It’s good to know kid’s tantrums will be in check when they eat healthy, it seems like it would be easy to give up and just give them fast food kids meals but knowing that it may lead to tantrums makes me rethink this!

    • Kelli,
      Trust me I know giving up and giving the kids fast foo is so easy, but once you start them on a healthy diet, they won’t care much. My youngest now ask for carrot sticks instead of cookies…Love it.

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