Hola! Bonjour! Hello! That’s all I know…Ahem!

Hello and welcome to my blog, Kays Health and Beauty Sense.  My name is Kay and I created this beauty  lifestyle blog.  This has been an idea that I’ve toyed with for a few years now…finally here it is…jumping in both hands feet…whatever.

My idea is to feature health, fitness, financial wellness, and beauty tips for women…busy moms like myself.  When I think of beauty, I don’t think of covering up, I think we should all focus on beauty from within…overall health.

Kay’s Health and Beauty Sense will focus on overall health, such as make-up tips, skin care, nutrition, finance, and anything else I feel like yapping about.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no professional on these topics, but I’ve tried almost everything on the market and am happy to share my two senses cents with you.  I can assure you that you will find every bit of information on my blog helpful…trust me on that.

At some point, I will introduce you to some of my friends…to see what they are up to…to steal share some of their beauty, make-up, and health tips.

Things we will talk about on Kays Health and Beauty Sense:

  • Beauty/make-up tips…duh!
  • Living Healthy
    • Nutrition
    • Mental Health Awareness (so many people are clueless)
    • Financial Health…yes this is important for a healthy life
  • Fitness (this will be so much fun)
  • Currently brainstorming for more stuff ideas

411 on Kay:

  • I’m not telling you my age
  • Mother of three beautiful children
  • I love all things Betty Bop
  • I live and breathe soccer
  • I have a soccer blog
  • I am avid book reader (well only romance novels, but hey)
  • I love to stay indoors, my kids hate this
  • My favorite season is Fall (yes, I hate the summer, odd since I was born in the Caribbean, right?)
  • I’m an only child
  • Still not telling you my age
  • I want to live in Brazil with I grow up
  • I hate shopping, I get my BFF to shop for my kids (no judgment, she loves shopping)



This is me in my selfie spot in my house…trying to be serious, soft, and cute at the same time…epic fail?