Planning ahead for the summertime is important because it requires you to completely overhaul your makeup strategy for coping with the summer heat.  Now that were are in the middle of summer, I’ve noticed some summer trends so far.  Here are some of the current makeup trends that you can follow for this summer:

Smudged Eyeliner:

Everyone from Coach to Rag & Bone are following some version of this eyeliner trend. The process itself is simple, you apply your makeup so that it looks as though you slept with your makeup on and then woke up with a smudged eyeliner. Additionally, you can also try tracing the lash-lines before you head out.

Bronzed Skin:

A bronzed and dewy skin is one of the exclusives of summertime makeup and it is something that makes your complexion stand out from all the rest. This summer, you should try sweeping a bit of bronzer on your eyes and cheeks to create a sheeny and sun-kissed complexion.

Summertime Shine:

Finally, a thrend that I have naturally.  Unlike previous years, the trend this year is to own the shine instead of hiding it. In fact, celebrities such as Marc Jacobs have even gone as far as applying makeup especially for this summertime shine. You can achieve this by applying Vaseline lightly on the cheekbones and under the eyes, as well. This will allow you to sport a more natural and suitable look for when you sweat (which is inevitable during the summer days).

No Makeup:

The ‘clean skin’ trend has been quite popular this year especially with celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian actually going out to public events with ‘no make-up’. The key is to only cover the blemishes or marks that are there on your skin to make it look clean and clear.

There is always a workaround for every problem and following these trends above will help you look fabulous when you go out during the summers this year.

What are your favourite summer make-up trends this summer? Please share with us.


    • Ashlee,
      You are correct, just like fashion, the trends changes rapidly…sometimes kind of hard to keep current. Thanks for visiting.

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