Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Suncare

Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Suncare

Summer bring joy, beach trips, bikinis, maxi dresses, flip flops, too many ice cream cones but with the scorching heat comes the fear of developing skin cancer too. The number of people suffering from skin cancer is increasing worldwide every year. The only major causes of this are the dangerous ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. This is the time you have to cautious and know how to take care of yourself during these blazing sunny days.  You may be surprised to know that many people skip the sunscreen…some even opted to skip the sunscreen application…get this…because of their skin tone.  Well, we now know that everyone needs the protection of sunscreen, regardless of skin, hair, or eye color.

Take a look at the Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Suncare


  1. Do not apply sunscreen on your face only. Cover your ears, hands, bare arms and lips with it too. Yes, now is the time to buy a lip balm with SPF 20, 30 , or 50.   If you don’t, you’ll start aging at an increased rate.  I wouldn’t recommend anything less than SPF 30.
  2. Do not assume that waterproof sunscreens can protect your skin for a longer period. Typically, a sunscreen’s effectiveness lasts for only half an hour.
  3. Do not take the winter, cloudy days and shady areas as a protection against sun because the harmful rays of the sun can easily penetrate through them. Keep wearing sunscreen during the daytime even when you’re indoors. You better follow the sun care regime properly throughout the year.
  4. You don’t have to be scared of sunburns and overwhelmed about them because they can be cured if treated properly. A minor burn can be treated with cold showers, heavy moisturizing creams, and an anti-inflammatory. In the case of a severe sunburn, it’s always advised to see a skin specialist.
  5. Do not even think of lying down on a tanning bed and getting tanned that way.
  6. Do not ignore your condition when you feel chills, headache and catch a fever because they might be the signs of a heatstroke. Heatstroke is a serious condition and one that will require medical attention.  If you have any of the symptoms mentioned, visit a doctor immediately.
  7. Do not let your men walk out without wearing sunscreen. Only 35% of men are found who use sunscreen rather than the 80% of the women.


  1. Do add a suncare regime as part of your routine. With a suncare regime comes the very important essential, which is the sunscreen.  You can find this in many different brands and prices.  But most importantly, you can find them in different formulas, such as sprays, mist, creams, lotions, gels, and wipes (for on-the-go protection).  Most products, such as  make-up foundation or face powders, moisturizers, body lotions now offer sunscreen protection from SPF 15+, as mentioned earlier, products with SPF 30+ is ideal.
  2. Do apply SPF 30+ sunscreen if your plan is to remain outdoors for quite a long time. Applying it 10 minutes before you are leaving time is a good idea, it is fully absorbed by then, making its effects more dominant.
  3. Sunscreen does not secure your eyes from UV rays. Do wear oversized sunglasses to protect your eyes and the area around them.
  4. Do try to stay indoors during the peak hours, it’s for your own good.
  5. Who cares about fashion when you are vulnerable to skin cancers.  Do wear full and light colored clothing when going out in sun. Put on long sleeved tops and large oversized hats.  Long maxi dresses is also ideal.  I know summer is the time for us to wear our favorite outfits, but please consider the rays of the sun and its effect on your skin.
  6. Do let your young ones benefit from the sunscreen too. It is not age specific, sun rays can turn out to be harmful to anyone of you regardless of how much old you are. However, for an infant, you must do a small test after even consulting your pediatrician. There are many sunscreen products out there specifically for children.
  7. Do apply the sunscreen again after an hour or so as its effect diminishes in about half an hour. I know many products claim to be waterproof, and offer extended wear time.  But its doesn’t hurt to reapply anyway.  Better be safe than sorry, right?
  8. Do look at the labels, ingredients, and seal of approval of the sunscreen before buying one. Consider the ones incorporating avobenzone, titanium dioxide, Mexoryl SX, and zinc.  As mentioned above, there are so many brands, prices, and formulas to choose from, but once you find your brand, that’s it.

Gone are the days when all we had to choose from are those thick white sunscreen or sunblock that leaves your skin white everywhere.  Sunscreens are now available in many different formulas, so never start your summer without one or two (face and body).  Worry less and take precautions. Have a safe summer!

Please share your favorite brands or formulas with us.  What are some other summer essentials?


  1. I still need to finally a sunscreen that doesn’t break me out in summer or dry my skin out in winter. Will definitely incorporate it into my routine

    • Nonny,
      I find that the mist formula works best fo me. I recently purhased Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. Its’s only SPF 30, but it smells yummy.

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