Skincare for Teens

Skincare for Teens

With a teenager and a pre-teen, skincare for teens has now become paramount in my mind. My almost twelve year old is asking about skin care, make-up, hair removal (I’m so not ready for this).  Let’s not dwell on that though…

The teenage years is the time when your body is going through drastic hormonal changes, and your skin suffers the most… I know…I was a teenager once (a short time ago). Most teens develop oily and acne prone skin…Unfortunetly for me, I stil have the oily skin, but I’m told that will decrease wrinkles…if I do get them…Thank Goodness!

From experience, teenage girls are truly obsessed with wearing makeup all day (now so more than ever with the help of Youtube).  My almost 12 year old follows almost every make-up channel  on Youtube.  Also, they continue taking part in all sorts of activities they possibly can, such as cheerleading, soccer, and track and field.  As parents of pre-teens or teenagers, we must start our little ones on a skin care regime that will keep their still-young-and-fresh and not-so-old-yet skin healthy and clear.

Keep in mind that the skincare products aren’t the only basis for the skin care regimen. To keep their skin fresh and glowing there’s a lot you’ll have to do on your own, which includes maintaining a health diet.  Let’s look at some of the best teen skin care tips that’d help to take care of their young skin.

Cleansing the skin:

In my opinion and from my experience, this is the most important step.

Always wash the face with a cleanser for that specific skin type. This is important because if the skin is oily, you want to stay away from oily products.

I would also recommend a facial cleansing brush.  This you can find on Amazon, my favorite is Clarisonic Mia2, 2 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System.

After cleansing, use a good moisturizer afterward to nourish and protect the skin.  Carry facial wipes with you and wipe the oil and sweat off your face periodically while you’re out.  Cleanse your face only once or twice at most, excess washing can irriate the skin.

Never go to bed with a dolled up face:

As adults, we know this one.  No matter how tired you are and how hectic your day was, you must take the makeup off before going to sleep. We know what will happen if we don’t follow this rule, right?  Clogged pores, which will lead to acne, rashes, etc.  For me, I sometime use make up remover wipes.  These are inexpensive and works wonders.  You can get these at the local drug store, or on Amazon.  I would recommend, Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes.

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to makeup products:

This is a no-no, I know our teenagers like to share, but they must be careful with the cosmetics particularly, the foundation, lipsticks, and eyeliners. They should use their own cosmetics and refrain from using others.  I know besties like to share their newest lip color. Sharing makeup product means you’re sharing the germs with one another, which triggers the growth of skin problems. Yeah…so…no.


Some other major hit tips:

Here are some other major suggestions;

  • use a sunscreen when going out in sun
  • don’t put on toothpaste on acne ( I did this) instead of doing home remedies to solve acne or any other skin problem, it’s wise to take advice from a dermatologist
  • keep hands clean and off the face
  • teenagers should stay away from tanning beds, unless they want wrinkles at an early age
  • last but certainly not least, use very little make up, this will prevent clog pores and any other skin issues that may happen. Harmones is enough for the skin, no need to add chemicals and everything else

Make Sense

This is the best time to start taking care of the skin… it is never too early to learn good beauty habits that will last a lifetime.


What other skin care tips did we miss.  We look forward to hearing your comments.


  1. You are so right! The teenage years are essential for creating a habit of taking care of ones skin. I loved that you recommend using sunscreen. When we are young we don’t care much about sun exposure just to regret it later on in life. I think I will try the Clarisonic Mia2 in the future. This mom’s skin needs some TLC ;). Loved your article, my daughters are still young but, I will definitely teach them about this subject. Great site!

    • Yeni,

      Thank you and yes its never too young to learn good habits. You should def get a Clarisonic…I love the way my skin feels afterwards. Thanks for visiting.

  2. howdy miss kay!!!!!i wish i had listened to this when i was a teen.fortunately i wasnt one of those who had to listen to wolfman jack. good luck on telling your teen not to share makeup with her bestie:) i really like the design of your site!!!!

  3. I have started to take care of my skin and I feel so much more confident about myself. Skin can give us such benefits and allow us to radiate.

    This post has highlighted to me the importance of skincare again. Thank you.

  4. I have found aveeno facial scrub to be one of the best things for my skin. The scrub give’s me a 2 n 1 package as it also smooths my face before shaving. I agree with using sunscreen and it is best to try to avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day.

  5. Thank you for sharing !! I’ll show it to my friend that LOVES to share her makeup lol
    I always thought it’s not a good idea, and I’m happy to know that somebody else agrees 🙂

    Wonderful reading

  6. Hi, I’m an older male and have been taking testosterone boosters. They make me break out like crazy and was wondering whether you’d recommend these tips to me or if you had something else I could try. I mean I don’t wear makeup lol but as far the cleansing and other tips go. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for the info.

    • Andrew,
      The basic tips applies, cleanse the skin, exfoliate, and moisturize. Mys husband uses Clinque for men, I discovered that a few years ago and it works wonders for his skin…check that out.

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