The Perfect Body: The 6 Keys to Fitness

The 6 Keys to Fitness

Get Your Perfect Body with The 6 Keys to Fitness

In order to get the perfect body you want, you must apply certain principles and certain habits and stick with them.  The key to getting the body you want, is to combine these habits and principles consistently.

In order to get the perfect body, here are the 5 keys to fitness:

  1. The 6 Keys to fitness
    1. Set Attainable Goals This is key to your success. Not only should you set specific goals, but you should also ensure that these goals are attainable.  For example, I want to lose 20 pounds in 5 months, working out 30 mins a day, 6 six days a week.  This is a specific goal and it is attainable.  This is 4 pounds a month and 1 pound a week. 
    2. Eat Healthy There is no easy way for me to say this, but if you do the other 5 keys to fitness and omit this one, you will not see results.  So, develop a clean eating regimen.  I know this is difficult to start, but a great trick is to start slowly by eliminating one or two foods every other day. Before you know it, you won’t miss those unhealthy foods at all.  Eat less fats, sugar, starch, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. Instead, eat more green-leafy vegetables, protein, fiber, and lots of water.  The ideal water consumption should be your body weight divided by 2.  
    3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day The next thing to do is to decide on an exercise program that is right for you. Or join the gym…go for daily runs, ride your bike, take up swimming…whatever works.  Keep an exercise schedule that works for you.  A great way to stay fit and get that perfect body is to incorporate weight training in your routine. This will give you the flat tummy and the defined arms and legs that you want.
    4. Be Consistent Read the first 3 goals. Set attainable goals; if you set goals that you know you won’t have any difficulties sticking with, then you will have a better chance of remaining consistent. Eat healthy, as I mentioned start off slow, so you won’t go on a binge later—all your progress and hard work will be for nothing.
    5. Have Patience There is no magic pill and if there were, then your weight loss wouldn’t last anyway.  Getting that perfect body takes time, so set realistic expectations, set attainable goals, be consistent, and you will be rewarded with the body you want.
    6. Never Give Up Lastly, but certainly not least…NEVER GIVE UP! STICK WITH IT AND YOU WILL GET THE PERFECT BODY YOU WANT!

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      I hope these 6 key points were helpful to you.  If you apply all the 6 principles on your fitness journey, you will be successful in achieving your fitness goals.

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  1. Great encouragement. I think we have to be realistic with our expectations. The hardest thing is being committed in daily fitness, eating healthy and smaller amounts and seeing no change. It is extremely hard to keep believing when you do not progress in losing weight. I have been doing 1-4 but I really needed to read 5 and 6. I will not give up. Thank you. Dave

    • Dave,

      Eating clean is the hardest for me; I find that the best thing for me is to eat those foods I like on my cheat day.
      Yes, never give up you will get there. Good luck on your journey and thank you for visiting.

  2. I’m currently on the weight loss train but finding it hard to even lose 1 pound. I have a feeling it’s my diet (I read online that weight loss is 70-80% diet), so I will focus on eating healthier, exercising for at least 30 minutes and being consistent with everything. Thanks a lot for the motivation.

    • Brandon,
      Yes,so often we think that as long as we exercise, we should lose some weight. However, that is not the case. If we consume more calories than we burn…guess what no weight loss.

      Good luck on your journey.

  3. When you say this, “The ideal water consumption should be your body weight divided by 2.” – does that mean ounces or glasses? Just curious. I always drink so much water and now that I moved to the desert, there is just never enough. I could probably drink my entire body weight, honestly!

    Thanks for the inspirational tips 🙂

    • Penelope,

      The water is in ounces. I am 140 pounds, so I drink at least 3 of my 24-ounce water bottle. A neat trick (well for me anyway), is to gt a real cool and pretty water bottle…otherwise I will never drink water.

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