Top 10 Beachbody Workouts

Want to start working out, but have no time for the gym? Or maybe you just prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home.  Maybe your time is limited, Beachbody gets that…do you have 20 minutes per day?  That is all you need to get ripped.

Whatever the reason, Beachbody have the perfect workout for you.  If you want the perfect abs, want to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs. or more…want to shred and chisel your body to perfection…then Beachbody workouts will do just that.

The good thing you can get any of these workout on Beachbody on Demand or if you are like me, you can purchase the DVDs…I don’t know, I like to own my stuff or maybe I’m just old fashion.

These workouts do have a modifier, so anybody at any fitness level can do these workouts…ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PRESS PLAY!

Let’s take a look at my top 10 beachbody workouts.



10 Best Beachbody workouts
This is the most intense workout that you can find anywhere.  You can get a year’s result in just 60 days…if you follow the program…Shaun T is the creator of the wicked workout!

Any workout that your clothes is drenched in sweat in the first two minutes, should give you an idea of how intense this work out is.

If you want to burn calories and lose weight fast, then this is the work out for you.


If you are looking for easy…this isn’t it. You must be brave to try this one…but you will get the results!

In this workout, you work for 3-5-minute blocks, and take breaks between…enough to breathe, then you are back in it.  This method is called Max Interval Training (MIT)…this type of workout keeps your body working throughout the entire workout and your body pushes to adapt…insane results in just 60 days.

Insanity is #1 on my list of top 10 beachbody workouts.

Insanity Max 30

10 Best Beachbody workouts
Shaun T again.  You will see him on my list quite a bit, because I have tried all of his workouts and they are effective.

Insanity Max 30 is Insanity for people who don’t have 60 minutes or 55 minutes for a workout…

You can get an insanely, ripped body in 30 minutes a day…just insane results.

No weights…no equipment…150 brand new moves…and get this…a low-impact modifier

Plus, tools to help you succeed.

All you have to do is press play!

Focus T25

10 Best Beachbody workouts
Another one from Shaun T.  Why am I recommending this one?  As a working mom, I have very little time, so 25 minutes to get totally ripped, is just what the doctor ordered.

Focus T25 is one of the most effective workouts that you will ever do…and all it takes is 25 minutes of your time…Shaun T will help you get it done with Cardio, abs, an all over body workout–and more.


10 Best Beachbody workouts
This workout by non-other than, Tony Horton, is an intense workout…like insanity, this is a workout for the bravest.  To do this workout, you must want it…and you will get the body you want.

21 Day Fix

10 Best Beachbody workouts
I know you have heard that it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit. This work out proves that it can take 21 days to get your butt in shape.

Autumn Calabrese shows you how she got her perfect body.  Like the rest of the beach body exercised, Autumn not also provides heart-pumping, calorie-blasting moves, but you get meal prep and containers for portion control.

Change you habit in 21 days.


10 Best Beachbody workouts
Charlene did it again…this time no weights, no jumps…just the results that you are looking for.

Charlene combines a series Yoga and Pilates for fat burning workouts, which will help to build strong lean muscles…getting you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

The Piyo quick start guide will get you started on defining yourself. Piyo is the perfect combination for those who wants to burn fat and get toned in a short amount of time.

Hip Hop Abs

10 Best Beachbody workouts
This workout started my Beachbody journey and is still one of my favorites.  If you love to dance and have fun while losing weight and getting the perfect abs, then this workout will NOT disappoint.  I love Shaun T and his workouts, as you can tell, I have four of his workouts on my list.

Body Beast

10 Best Beachbody workouts
Just like the name implies, if you want to get ripped, then this is the workout for you. This workout is for the pros.  If you want to burn fat, carve lean, defined muscle, and transform your body, then this workout if for you.

This is weight training at best! Designed to get you eye-dropping results in just 90 days–from the comfort of your own home.

Join Superstar fitness model, Sagi Kalev as he guides you on your journey to getting the body you want.

Turbo Jam

10 Best Beachbody workouts
OMG!! Fun! Fun! Fun!

This workout combines two of my favorite things to do…dancing and martial arts.  Yes, it is possible.

In no time at all, you can shed pounds and inches, get in the best shape of your life–the best part is, you will have fun doing it.

If you love to dance, this is the workout for you…and why not combine it with some kick ass martial art moves.

Take my word for it…you will love this fun workout. You won’t ever realize that you are shedding those pounds because you are having so much fun.

Brazilian Butt Lift

10 Best Beach Body Workouts
This is a fun workout! Easy to follow and provides great results. In no time, you will have a Brazilian Butt lift.

Join Leandro Carvalho as he shows you how to get that tight, lifted, and perfectly rounded butt–that us ladies desire.

Carvalho uses his signature TriAngle Training along with Cardio and dance moves to lift, firm, and shape the but from many different angles.

If you are looking for that perfect body, and don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, then beachbody is the place to do it.

Beachbody has many workouts–and one or more will surely suit your needs. Check out one or more of the top 10 beachbody workouts…you’ll be glad you did!

Just press play!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. All of this sounds like so much work! But I guess nothing changes if nothing changes. I’ve heard both Insanity and P90X are really really intense and effective. I think I’ll try one of those.

    • Penelope,
      Getting that body you want won’t be easy. Insanity and P90X are very intense, if you looking for something low impact, but can get results, you can try PiYo. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I workout from home with basic weights, bench press and dumbbells. However, I’m looking to expand my horizon and try a full body workout. I’m currently looking at the P90x. I’m not afraid of hard work so this doesn’t scare me one bit. Actually, I’m more interested in challenges. Thank you for this!

    • No problem. Thanks for visiting. If you are looking for a challenge, then P90x or insanity…or if you love working with weights, then Body Beast is the way to go. Good luck.

  3. Hi Kenisha, and thanks for this post. I have used 2 or 3 of these in the past, but there’s obviously many more new ones to try out. You’ve motivated me 🙂
    Cheers, Suzanne

  4. Well written and lots of good info on getting a good workout plan. I have tried one of them and have to admit it’s a serious workout. I would like to get back in to shape and try one of these. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Great article. I have purchased the P90X and it was amazing. It liked to kill me at first but the results were nothing short of remarkable. Due to age, injuries, and arthritis, I could no longer do P90X, so I got PIYO. Don’t be fooled, this is not wussing out, these are real muscle building routines. The big advantage is, they are very low impact.

    • Don,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, Piyo is low impact, but as you mentioned, this is not wussing out at all. This workout is still intense.

  6. Wow, I had no idea there were so many awesome workout plans I could do from home. And here they all are, easy to find in one place. Thanks for sharing, especially as the new year rolls in…

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