Top 5 Exercises to Stay Fit On-the-Go


Want to stay active but you’re short on time? No problem! All you need is the right training plan! From push-ups and burpees to plank jacks, there are plenty of exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. It’s no need to buy fancy equipment or hit the gym.


When done right, bodyweight exercises are just as effective as traditional gym workouts. Due to their high intensity, they raise your heart rate and torch fat while building muscle. These moves also boost your metabolism, lower blood pressure, and improve insulin sensitivity. Consistency is the key.

On top of that, they’re safer compared to free weights and gym machines. Just make you use proper form.

Ready to get active? Here are top five exercises to stay fit on the go:

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges

For shapely legs, try walking lunges! This exercise will tone your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves while building core strength. It also improves your stability and balance as well as hip flexibility.

Depending on your fitness level, you can do this exercise with or without weights. A barbell or dumbbells will make your workout more challenging, leading to faster results. If you have no equipment, hold a water bottle in each hand.

Mountain Climbers

 Mountain climber exercise

Who says you need gym machines to burn fat and get a six pack? Mountain climbers hit nearly every muscle group, toning your body from head to toe. This movement requires nothing but your own bodyweight.

The steady running motion elevates your heart rate and ignites fat burning. It also shapes your legs and helps develop core strength. In the long run, mountain climbers will boost your exercise performance, coordination, and balance.

As you progress, try more advanced variations, such as plank jack mountain climbers, army crawl mountain climbers, or cross-body mountain climbers. Your muscles will be on fire within minutes!



For a total body workout, add burpees to your routine. This cardio bodyweight exercise burns fat, improves functional fitness, and increases muscle strength. It’s perfect for both aerobic and resistance training, and can be done just about anywhere.

In clinical trials, subjects who did burpees and other high-intensity bodyweight exercises spent less time exercising per week, and yet were able to maintain their fitness and body weight. Not to mention that burpees rev up your metabolism, so you’ll burn more calories at rest.

Plyometric Push-Ups

Push Ups

Unlike traditional push-ups, this exercise activates fast twist muscle fibers and increases your speed. Due to its explosive nature, it sends your heart rate through the roof and boosts your resting metabolic rate.

When done regularly, plyometric push-ups can lower insulin resistance, regulate blood sugar, and speed up fat loss.

This bodyweight movement also strengthens your joints and tendons, which helps lower injury risk. Over time, it improves physical performance and reduces the time needed to reach maximum force.

Squat Jumps

Jump Squats

Another great choice is the squat jump. This exercise works your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and core muscles. At the same time, it increases your strength and power, burns stubborn fat, and boosts cardiorespiratory fitness.

With squat jumps, you’ll build explosive power and torch massive calories within minutes. To make it more difficult, use ankle weights or wear a weight vest.

There are many other bodyweights exercises you can do on the go. It all comes down to your fitness level and goals. Try plank jacks, jumping jacks, high knees, step-ups, or jumping lunges. Complete at least three exercises per workout to reap the benefits.


  1. Great article on these 5 exercises, I have never been a fan of gyms or fitness centers so these would be right up my alley ! Actually, I’ve not been a fan of exercise either, however, I’d be willing to give these five a try-out. Thank you for sharing these with us !

    • You are most welcome. If you are not into exercise in general. You can try doing something fun first, such as dancing (Zumba) or Mixed Martial Arts. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Wow! I never heard of Plyometric Push-Ups and didn’t know that they could speed up fat loss. This is some great info. I am definitely going to try to do these exercises every day so that I could lose some weight.

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